The Times reports that UK businesses are shifting their hiring focus from degrees to specialised skills, according to research by LinkedIn. The share of vacancies that do not require a university degree increased by 90% last year. Recruiters are now five times more likely to prioritise skills over qualifications. Four in five expect skills-first recruitment to become the norm in the next 18 months. The Institute of Student Employers found that less than half of graduate jobs required a minimum 2:1 degree last year. It is noted that a number of big name employers have already dropped degree-level requirements for certain roles.

BFS Comment: In this competitive world knowledge-based skills will always be more valuable than theory. This is yet another argument for putting emphasis on more businesses reverting to having ‘proper’ apprenticeships where theory and practical experience are merged over a 4 – 5 year period. The result will be that the finished product will be someone who has detailed knowledge and understanding of both the company they work for and the industry they are involved in.

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