The UK lags behind on the use of Robots.

The UK has 111 industrial robots for every 10,000 manufacturing workers. This is below the global average of 141. This leaves the UK the lowest in the G7 and 24th in the world. The US has 274 robots per 10,000 workers, while Germany has 397 and South Korea has 1,000. The IFR (International Federation of Robotics) said that the UK “has a strong manufacturing industry. The problem is the surprisingly low annual robot installation count. Annual installations of industrial robots more than trebled globally between 2011 and 2021. In the UK they rose just 36%. Experts say the shortfall has contributed to Britain’s flatlining productivity levels. ONS figures suggest that the manufacturing sector is shrinking at its fastest rate for more than three years. Britain, it is noted, was the only country to see a fall in productivity last year.

BFS Comment:

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