At Business Finance Services, we know just how challenging it can be to find alternative finance that’s suitable and affordable for your business. As the big banks continue tightening their requirements, we’re seeing more ‘alternative’ lenders than ever before, but the lenders you can rely upon are few and far between. Thankfully, we specialise in all aspects of commercial and restructuring finance, including: 

Whether you are looking to grow your business, take on a completely new line of products or invest in your own personnel and premises, we can save you a great deal of time, effort and even heartache, with our ongoing management support services.

How can alternative funding help your business grow?

Over the past ten years in particular, business owners are choosing alternative finance options as opposed to visiting high street banks and building societies. We work very closely with Business Angel Investors and a number of the Crowd Funding Platforms, so if you are seeking equity investment we can help you to put together an application that’s cleverly designed to attract suitable investors. Another aspect of our business is Rescue and Recovery, and through our close links with OPUS Restructuring Llp we can provide struggling business owners and managers with a wealth of experience and guidance, helping them put the business back on the road to growth.

Our very own business was established with the express purpose of assisting small and start-up businesses so they grow strong and successful, and that desire is still clear to be seen with each and every one of our alternative finance services. The Directors and Associates of Business Finance Services have a wealth of experience in running small and medium sized businesses, so they’re able to use their experiences from ‘the other side of the desk’ to help you overcome problems simply and swiftly. 

Alternative Finance for Startups

We know full well that setting up a new business brings many potential pitfalls, particularly if you’re inexperienced or unprepared, but that’s exactly why we help owners/managers of start-up businesses understand the importance of adequate finance. We will often know of a specialist Lender(s) who can provide a working capital solution, or the additional cash flow that you urgently needs. The saying Cash flow is King” still rings true, and the first step is to generate genuine profitable revenue and the next is to learn the true costs of setting up and running the business until the aforementioned revenue has been generated.

If you’d like to call us for a free and frank discussion and see how we can help you overcome any early hurdles, please do not hesitate to call us today on 0800 093 5240. Alternatively, you can email a member of our team on and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 


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